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A Transformational Experience for Women Starting Over After Divorce or Breakup

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You are the curator of your life.
In absolute control of your Dreams, Desires & Destiny.
Curate wisely.

Have you just gone through a gut-wrenching
divorce or break-up?

I feel you. Your relationship didn’t turn out to be the fairytale you had so badly hoped for.

You feel pain. A lot of pain. It never even occurred to you how much this would hurt. It’s not very pleasant to realize that a whole chapter of your life is closed. And suddenly, you’re all by yourself. Alone. Scared. Confused.

The Resentment of letting go of something you invested your time, energy & hopes into…

The Anguish of all what you went through and not getting the best out of your relationship…

The Confusion about your next steps and how exactly to start a new life…

The Fear of making bad decisions and ending up alone forever…

Letting go of your partner and old lifestyle was hard. But the hardest part is learning to start over. There are just too many hurdles in the way, and too many things working against you. You want to jumpstart your life & relationships, and want to rediscover yourself. Because you know you’re worth it. And so much more.

But then you start questioning the very idea of a fresh start.

Is there really a reason to fight?

A chance to live your dream life?

A gleam of light at the end of this long dark tunnel?

If your life and decision powers are being mercilessly ruled by self-doubt, low self-esteem, and shallowness, let me assure you one thing. A (more than) perfect life IS possible. And you can and will have it.

It's time to perfect how you start over:

From rock-bottom to the top.

Survivor to Thriver.

Just imagine being in the zone and…

  • Living your life to the fullest. Exploring new ideas, new opportunities, new horizons
  • Starting the next exciting chapter of your life, and giving yourself permission to be happy
  • Taking the time to appreciate everything good that already exists around you: your family, your friends, and even your noisy neighbors
  • Exploring the true purpose of your life and following your passions to make a difference in your children’s life
  • Having a constant stream of high energy that lead you to a life full of abundance, gratitude, and success
  • Apparently, a new and insanely happy life seems impossible. Or at least that’s what you tell yourself. Over and over and over again.

I understand that a divorce or breakup is excruciating and you’re going through a shitstorm of emotions. (I know this, because I divorced six years ago).

Do these emotions resonate with you?


You didn’t only lose a relationship, it’s bigger than that. It’s a loss of your dreams, your commitments, your shared plans. You’ve lost your faith in people and might not want to date again. Ever.


You dabble in confusion. Although you’re no longer with your partner, you still wonder whether ending it was the right thing to do or not.


You fear a lifetime of loneliness. You often forget how bad your relationship really was, and are vulnerable to reconciling, or just being stuck in the past. Fear often paralyzes you, and this makes you more lonely and depressed.


The resentment doesn’t seem to subside. The months and years of the work and “investment” into that relationship is gone in a blink. Your dream of being with someone forever is shattered, and you’re pissed off that it ended the way it did.


You’re hurt. Wounded from all the things that were said, and not said. Though you’re happy that it ended, but a part of you still loves the person you were once with – even if that love is the idea of who this person was, not the actual person.

You know that you need to let go of all these emotions. You need to forge ahead, elevate your confidence, and create a new reality for yourself. But…you don’t know how!



Because anything less is a tease.
(And a grave injustice to your life)

You have to stop worrying about all those could’ve, would’ve, should’ve and accept the truth. Once and for all. You can either spend hours, weeks, and months demystifying your breakup/divorce or move on already to a happier, healthier, and brighter life.

What exactly is THRIVE?

THRIVE is an online, group coaching program where members get access to an exclusive membership site that offers video modules and worksheets that will help change your life. Anyone who joins is a member for life, which means you have lifetime access to online resources 24/7. In addition to the modules, members receive live, group coaching calls with me twice a month, for 6 months - that’s 12, one-hour calls with me, where you can ask or discuss anything you want!

Who is THRIVE for?

This coaching program is for you if you’re…


And how do I know all about you?

Because I work closely with hundreds and thousands of beautiful women like you who are hell bent to move from where they are right now to where they want to be. A thriver after a bad breakup or divorce, not just a survivor.

Also, life wasn’t that different for me either. I’ve experienced what you’re living through right now, so I get it. I totally and completely get the pain, the confusion, and the uncertainties. But it will get better. I promise.

After getting married at 25 years old and having 2 children before I turned 30, I seemed to have all that I ever wished for. To me, my ex-partner was everything and my life seemed to revolve around my family.

But as they say, the only constant in our lives is change. Nothing else remains the same forever. Like you, my story didn’t turn out to be as I had planned it. With time, I started seeing things from another perspective – I wanted a career, new friends, and hobbies. I wanted something more from life. For me. For my family.

As I started to change, things in my marriage began to change as well. Drastically. Heart broken, soul shattered, plans crushed. And finally, I had to break free from him, and we separated when I turned 35.

On one hand, I was relieved (because having no relationship is better than a bad one), but on the other hand, the guilt and sorrow was overwhelming. I had no idea what to do with my life anymore, how to take care of my children when I, myself, was in such a bad shape. I felt so incredibly sad and scared, and didn’t know how to put myself back together.

Something had to change. And I knew it wouldn’t happen on its own. I had to make a conscious decision to let go of my past and handle my future in the best way possible. I had to stand up to myself and say, “I don’t care how tough it is, I don’t care how confused, threatened, and small I feel right now, I don’t care if the person I once loved is gone. I’m going to accept it and move on for a better life.”

And so I did.

I didn’t only completely transform my life (personally & professionally), but I also invested innumerable hours, thousands of dollars, and unsurmountable energy to learn the psychology behind shifting our lives from utter disappointments to living with love and gratitude again…for women who needed me.

Today, I’m married to an extremely supportive and loving man. I started my own business and have been running it successfully for more than 5 years. I’ve created a life of abundance for me and my family.

And so can you.

My mission for every woman on this planet is to not only survive, but thrive. And to do so, you need passion, a willing soul, and support from someone who’s been in your shoes. Which is why I created THRIVE; a life-changing group coaching program for you, so you can take action and move forward in the right direction. For the sake of yourself. And your kids.

Lindsey Ellison, relationship coach

I'm a relationship coach and founder of Start Over. Find Happiness., a coaching practice that helps women navigate through their uncertain relationships. I offer guidance in divorce, breaking up, and how to start a new life for single women. I've published numerous articles in Huffington Post,, Your Tango, and Yahoo, and has been a guest speaker at live events, and many TV and radio shows. You can learn more about me website at

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Why You Need THRIVE

If you’re still asking yourself that why do you need (to) THRIVE, then let me ask you a few questions:

  • What’s the cost of dwindling with sadness & confusion for months and years, and not dealing with your fears when you still have time?
  • Is one broken relationship (or a bad phase in your life) worth more than your dreams, your kids’ future, and your whole life?
  • Would you rather move on and grow into a wiser, stronger person instead of crumbling every time you see your ex happy?

In order for you to THRIVE, you must:

Make a plan - and stick to it.

Heal your wounds - and accept your truth.

Love yourself - trusting that the end of the relationship was meant for a good reason.

Awaken your Spirit - the one that guides you to all that is good.

Manifest new positive things - so you have it all that you ever wished for.

“I have just met the love of my life, and without you, I would still be stuck. You have changed my life.”

Casey M.

I wish I found Lindsey long time ago so that it would have been so much easier for me to deal with so many issues I had.  She managed to do some amazing things in my life so I can truly move forward, I am sure it would have taken much less time had I known her. She is an amazing coach!

Sue T.

"Lindsey’s program literally changed my life. The moment I finally invested in myself, my life began to improve. Don’t try to do this without her!”

Amanda S.

“I like to think of Lindsey as my pocket coach. Whenever I need a reminder of the good things in my life, I just listen to her modules and I feel better. Her group coaching calls are fantastic, and I always feel better when I hear about what other women are going through.”

Kaitlyn T.

Are You Ready to THRIVE?

THRIVE Coaching Program

THRIVE is an online, group coaching program where members get access to an exclusive membership site that offers video modules and worksheets that will help change your life. Anyone who joins is a member for life, which means you have lifetime access to online resources 24/7. In addition to the modules, members receive live, group coaching calls with me twice a month, for 6 months - that’s 12, one-hour calls with me, where you can ask or discuss anything you want!

Here’s what you get with this incredibly affordable investment in your life:


Six Comprehensive Modules – The entire program is divided into 6 detailed, yet easy to follow modules, where I give you a recorded lesson via video, as well as downloadable worksheets to support your lesson. You can access these modules at any time, and do the work at your own pace.


Group Coaching Calls – You'll receive a total of 12 live group coaching calls (60 minutes each). Calls are scheduled 2 times a month for most months (there are no live calls in June, July, and August for summer break). No matter when you join, you'll have the opportunity to be on a total of 12 live calls, even if you join during the summer break. You can also email your questions in advance, if you can't be live on the call.

At the beginning of each call, I discuss a theme related to a course module, and offer coaching to the group. I encourage an in-depth Q&A from the members, as well as support for each other. I use a video conference tool where members can see each other, just like a virtual conference room. While turning on your video is optional, it’s encouraged! This is where the community of other like-minded women will be your greatest asset. Each call will be recorded and be accessible within the membership site for a month.


Lifetime Access – Not everyone learns at the same speed – so you can relax, and watch/listen to the modules whenever you want. Many will do the program once, and then come back to it at a later time to work on other facets of their life. Should you want to participate in the live coaching calls after your 12 calls have expired, you can re-join the live group coaching part of the program at any time for just $20 a month, and cancel at any time.


A Private Facebook Group – Coaching becomes more effective when you have your membership community supporting you. You won’t feel alone for a moment, instead you will feel validated, and enlightened by having actual answers to your problems. You’ll also have unlimited access to me in the group. I am incredibly active in the group to focus on YOU, and your progress. This is optional, and you can join or leave the group at your discretion.

"Oh my gosh, I am BLOWN away by the content. I knew all of this was happening to me, but I had no idea it could be articulated in such a way that it made sense!"

Meghan R.

“You have taught me things that I have never once learned in therapy. I am finally free.”

Theresa G.

“After taking your course, OMG, I just realized that I am awesome!”

Tatiana W.

The EXACT Breakdown of Your Life-changing Modules:

Module 1: Healing and Rediscovering Yourself

Divorce or breakup can leave you hanging in the air and you can’t help but wondering, ‘WTF just happened to me?’ This time period is an emotional roller coaster ride that needs to be handled wisely. Month One will focus on the following:

  • Finding out who your new single self is.
  • Healing the wounds and learning to love & accept yourself.
  • How to avoid the “Ex Vortex,” where you get sucked into text messages or calls, either through romantic gestures or negative manipulation.
  • Also, stop feeling guilty! How to move on without the guilt.

Module 2: How Can You Trust Again?

I bet you’re thinking, after what you’ve been through, you’ll have a hard time trusting people. Or perhaps you even promised yourself you’ll never trust anyone ever again, and you’ll die an old, single woman. Well guess what, you’re going to learn something really powerful in this module - trusting another person is actually insignificant! I’ll teach why that is, and how to trust yourself so much, that trusting another person will no longer matter.

This module gives you a double whammy, because here, you’ll discover your own belief systems, so that you have clarity on what YOU want moving forward. Once you discover what you want, you’ll know what works for you and what doesn’t work for you, in all aspects of your life - be prepared to be liberated!

Module 3: Save & Make More Money!

Module 3 is to empower you with confident financial decisions. This will be a joint presentation with my own certified financial planner (and THRIVE sponsor), Brian Conrad.

After divorce, you may have a settlement or a lump sum of money…

  • Do you put this in your savings or do you invest it?
  • How can you make MORE money with the money you have?
  • How to get rid of your money fears (or not having enough) and what to do instead!

Module 4: Your Mind, Body, Spirit

Have you ever thought you were going to get over someone yet your body isn’t connected to your mind? So your heart aches, you feel sad, or cry. What about when you intuitively feel something is wrong, yet your mind disagrees, so you do the opposite of what your intuition tells you? When those things happen, it means you’re not in alignment with YOU. This module is all about connecting your mind, body, and spirit, so that you have the power to control ALL aspects of your being. I have seen some MAJOR changes within THRIVE members after this module - be prepared to be whole again!

Module 5: How to Deal with the Triggers

How many times have you started your day off feeling great, and you’re minding your own business and then WHAM! You get a nasty text or email from your ex. Their message may be manipulative, hurtful, or confusing, that it causes you to go in a downward spiral, and thus, it ruins your entire day. This is what I call a “trigger” and if you’re constantly being triggered, your ex STILL has power over you. If you didn’t care, it would wouldn’t bother you. You will receive a powerful exercise that will help you no longer be triggered, and go about your day as usual.

Module 6: Dating & Finding Love

Wait a second, before you think that you’ll NEVER date again, hear me out. Once you focus on healing you, and working my program for 5 months,  you will be surprised just how ready you may be to date. (And if you’re not, no worries, but you will be!). This module will give you excellent advice on how to date, how to spot the red flags, and how to find a partner that is REALLY amazing, and NOT like your ex. You can’t be sent off into post-THRIVE world without this module - you’ll love it!

You will also receive two, fantastic bonus modules!

Bonus Modules

BONUS 1 – Motivational Interviews with the Finest Expert Women I Know

Just for signing up and being a THRIVE member, you will get three bonus interviews from some of the most awesome, uplifting women I know. You will have downloadable access to these interviews within your membership site. They have been gracious enough to participate in this program because they want YOU to live your best life.

Check out these awesome women:

Christine Souci – one of the new voices in the field of human consciousness, relationships and spirituality.

Author of the book, Love Yourself First, Christine has always been on her spiritual path. A believer in visualization and affirmations as tools to open our minds and receive the abundance of the universe. She quickly reminds us that we must be the ones to take action. Stepping out from behind the scenes, she now takes center stage to share her personal experiences and insight on how to have a beautiful, loving relationship.

Helen Macmillan Helen is a success coach, author and international speaker who helps women entrepreneurs shift into their Million Dollar Zone of joyful and sustainable success. She is also my own personal coach, and I call her the “Yoda of Babes” – she just knows what to say at all times, and you will love her just as much as I do! She is also divorced and re-married, and went from a single mom living paycheck to paycheck, to a successful entrepreneur and rocking it! I can’t wait until you hear our interview!

Bonus Module 2 - How to Co-parent With a Difficult Ex and Thrive

This is one of my most sought-after topics, and has never been available in a stand-alone online module, until now! Co-parenting with a difficult ex can seem like an oxymoron, but there ARE ways you can manage your ex and make your situation more tolerable, without you losing your mind. Enjoy this one hour bonus – all for the cost of nothing!

The Value

I like to over deliver with my offerings while making this program super affordable for you. If you were to pay separately for each item offered in this course, here’s what you’d pay:

  • Monthly Modules (valued at $300 each x 6) - $1,800
  • Bonus Motivational Interviews ($600 x 3) - $1,800
  • Co-parenting With Your Ex Module - $500 (retail value)

Total Cost Value: $4,100

I know the painful financial struggles that you are enduring, especially right after a divorce or break up, and it has been my priority to find an affordable solution for you, as well as a solution to keep me in business and serving thousands of women who need my help. This is why I have found a corporate sponsor to offset the cost, which allows me to deliver this course at the fraction of the price of what it could be.

With the help of Brian Conrad, the certified financial planner who will be helping me with Module 3, I am able to deliver this course at the extremely low investment of just $74 a month for 6 months!

That is all. It’s that easy. So why not sign up for a small investment that will give you BIG results?

“When I saw your course, I delayed investing in myself, but then I realized it, dammit, I’m worth it! And now that I have taken it, I’m so glad I did. Because I am a changed woman!”

Karla S.

"I thought I had read everything on breakups and was at first skeptical on whether your course could provide new content, but I was delightfully wrong. Finally, it feels like someone actually gets me, and I'm not crazy after all."

Sondra H.

“Divorce and break-ups cannot be done with the help of Lindsey. She just knows her stuff!”

Cecilia B.

Your Life is the Sum of Different Phases.
One Bad Phase CANNOT Define It.

Trust me when I say that a realistic & thorough self-assessment, a good plan for action, and kind yet firm hand-holding and personal support from an experienced person can make all the difference in your life.

Those who THRIVE are:

Instead of staying awake at night, worrying about your personal, financial, and big life goals or stressing over single parenting and responsibilities, get your life back on track and THRIVE.

Just take a moment and think about what are you willing to spend for a continuously happy & abundant life? How many times have you wanted something so bad for yourself but you didn’t because you’ve never been a priority in your life?

For once, consider this program as an investment in YOU.

THRIVE is available right now - imagine, in just one hour your life can already be shifting!

My tools and strategies worked for me, they work for my clients, and I assure you this program will work for you too. If you show up and do ALL of the work, you are going to shift, guaranteed. With that being said, if you attend all of the calls by the end of the 6 month program, and can present proof of work on the modules, and you still aren’t satisfied, you will receive a full refund (and by the way, I have NEVER been asked for a refund, which is why I’m confident you will be satisfied).

So if I guarantee this program will change your life, why wouldn’t you invest in yourself? Aren’t you ready to create lasting change?

You Are Ready to THRIVE

Lindsey Ellison is founder of Start Over. Find Happiness., a coaching practice designed to help women navigate through their divorce or break ups. She is a published author of many blogs including Huffington Post, Psych Central,, not to mention her own at She is also a motivational speaker on all things divorced and breakups, and has shared the stage with relationship expert Dr. John Gray, author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Her passion for helping women break free from their narcissistic partners led her to creating her groundbreaking online course, Break Free From Your Narcissist.