Module 3: Save & Make More Money


Download the Money PDF exercise.

Links for budgeting and money tracking.

Total Money Magnetism

Do you want to maximize how you magnetize money? Then watch this very cool video from Dr. Steve Jones. At the end of the video he will talk about his hypnosis audio series, of which you can purchase for $47. While this is not a requirement for the THRIVE program, I highly recommend it! Why? Because I was a student of his, and also purchased the hypnosis series. I was really blown away by how much it worked for me. I thought about creating a similar kind of series but then I thought, why do that when his program is amazing and already available? I would listen to his recordings each night as I drifted off to sleep, and they were incredibly relaxing. And suddenly, things started to shift – and so I truly believe that this stuff works!

Just watch the video and don’t make any decisions until you see this for yourself. Enjoy!


Download the Your Relationship with Money audio file.

Download the Brian & Lindsey Money Talk audio file.

Download the Brian & Lindsey Question & Answer audio file.